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On this website you will be able to find many things: A complete introduction to O2Jam followed by tutorials to make you a better O2Jam player, a complete, searchable, reviewable, and totally usable list of songs in O2Jam, a set of downloads because we know how much you love to download things, and a forum for the entire community to chat it up.

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O2: Special Forces Automatic Tracker
by Ross on Jan 17th, 2006 at 10:34am


What is it?
Once you install it, it latches onto o2jam, so that every time you load o2jam, it automatically loads. You type in your O2: Special Forces loginname and password to login, and be sure to set the options you want (be sure to set it to "submit scores"). Once o2jam loads, you don't have to worry about it, everything's fully automated. When a song ends, your score gets submitted to o2:sf, and if you don't have a score for that song, it adds it, and if you do have a score for that song and the one you just got is better, then it will update it. Yes, it automatically checks for difficulty, speed modifier, and rings.

What else can it do?
It can also automatically take screenshots for you (with the ability to do every song, and any combination of "Only FCC's", "Only FC's" and "Only songs over level [u]x[/u]") and names them appropriately, e.g. "http://www.blog-inutile.com/Call_Me_Again_HX5___random.jpg"
If you have MSN and MSN's "what I'm listening to" plugin, you can activate O2SF's "What I'm listening to in o2jam" plugin, which will automatically tell all your friends on MSN what song you're playing and where you're playing so they can come join you!

**Remember to turn on "submit scores" or it won't =)
**If clicking the "okay" button at the login screen does nothing, your computer is blocking o2sf from sending messages to o2jammer. Check any programs that might be interfering (my friend had McAffe Internet Security screwing it up).
**Sometimes, the automatic screenshot feature can cause a little lag after songs. If it's taking too long or you're particularly impatient, you can just disable the feature.

End of International Tournament
by Ross on Jan 14th, 2006 at 10:16pm

After a disappointing start (21 of the 53 people who registered and didn't tell me they weren't coming), and some problems with scheduling (who knew 3-song rounds would take more than 15 minutes =/ so yeah it took about 3.5 hours longer than I or anybody else wanted), the tournament started getting interesting in the later rounds. The full bracket with all the results is available on o2jammer. To sum it up, 1st place (500ep and a hand-made o2mo trophy) goes to explicit. 2nd place (200ep) goes to Kylecito. 3rd place (100ep) goes to Isildil. 4th place goes to adnzBR. 5th place goes to Losbonos. 6th place goes to Arch0wl. 7th place goes to Norio. and I don't really care to figure out the rest. I should mention that many of the final rounds were ridiculously close. In Kylecito vs. Arch it was 5% (out of 300%). In Kylecito vs. Isildil it was 2% (out of 300%). And in the second round of Kylecito vs. explicit, it was .08% (out of 300%). Congrats to all who did well, and thanks to everybody who participated, even a little.

O2: Special Forces
by Ross on Dec 22nd, 2005 at 1:36am

This is it. Possibility one of the biggest things O2Jammer has to offer is now here-- the O2: Special Forces, a new way of keeping track of your o2jam scores, and everybody else's! Check it out!

Song List completely updated
by Ross on Dec 9th, 2005 at 7:50am

The Song List section is now much better than before. Besides the design improvements, we have one major new new function: reviewing. The review system is simple and generally pretty self-explanitory. To review a song, simply click "Rate this song" and a window will pop up with several fields. "Music Rating" is how rockin' you think the music is. "Keychart Ratings" are how fun you think the keycharts are. "Popularity Rating" is how popular you think the song is. For pay-to-play songs, there's a field called "Value Rating" where you judge how worth the cost the song is. Finally, there's "Suggested Difficulties"-- where you give your opinion on what the difficulty level of the song really SHOULD be. There's also a review/comments field where you're free to write your opinion of the song or some information about it, just don't be vulgar. You can enter in data for as many or as few of these fields as you wish, but keep in mind that once you've submitted for a song, you can't do it again. To view all of the specific ratings for a song, click on the Overall Rating or Suggested Difficulties for any song that has them. With all of that having been said, I ask of you, if you want to help out the website, this is currently the best way to do it by far: just review songs. Right now, the songs we most need to review are the pay songs, so new players can make an educated decision on which to buy. Even reviewing a couple songs here and there will help out a lot. Thanks in advance!

O2Jam International Tournament
by Ross on Dec 1st, 2005 at 5:07am

Yes, you have heard me right once again. This is something Leiana and I have been talking about for months, and now we're serious. It's here. Get ready. The tournament will take place on Saturday, January 14th, starting at 2pm EST. For more information (because this news is just the tip of the iceberg), go here! Hope to start seeing registrations! You've got about a month and a half to prepare!

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